How does online arbitration work? Keep reading to learn more

ADReS Now is a revolutionary platform that enables the efficient resolution of disputes through online arbitration. The arbitration process is conducted using secure, innovative, and user-friendly technology, providing a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional dispute resolution methods.

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An overview of the ADReS Now platform for respondents

ADReS Now is a completely neutral platform that facilitates online arbitration between disputants. It does not align itself to any party, nor does it provide legal advice or representation to any party.

There are several benefits of using the ADReS Now platform. All disputants, whether claimants or respondents, who register with ADReS Now as organisations have access to the same platform features. After registering on the platform, respondents can file a counter claim in response to the claim, along with documents, evidence, and list of witnesses. They can appoint legal counsel to represent them in the arbitration. They can participate in arbitration proceedings. They can do all this remotely, using a device (phone, tablet, laptop computer) of their choice. This means that disputants do not incur a travel or commute cost, and can participate in the arbitration at times convenient to them, subject to the arbitration schedule.

The rules of procedure for arbitration, which are standard for all disputants, are pre-published  on the platform, as is the schedule for completion. Respondents will be alerted before every important stage in the arbitration proceedings. Proceedings may also be expedited if both parties request it. Respondents who agree to use the ADReS Now platform for arbitration will experience timely dispute resolution with certainty of procedure, clarity of process, transparency of costs, and ease of use.

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